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A bit about Monongah, WV

Monongah is a town in Marion County, West Virginia along the West Fork River. The population was 1,044 at the 2010 census. Monongah was incorporated in 1891 by Circuit Court. Its name is abbreviated from Monongahela, the river formed by the confluence of the West Fork and Tygart Valley Rivers a few miles north of the town.

The original ethic groups that populated the town that was to be Monongah consisted of mainly Italian and Polish immigrants who, for the most part, did not associate much with each other for several generations. The two ethnic groups even had separate churches even though they were both Catholic churches. One of the things that eventually brought the two communities together was the destruction of the Polish church by a fire and the uniting in the new parish of Holy Spirit; rumors that it was arson circulated at the time, but it was never proven. If one looks at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery located on Park Avenue, the reoccurring names, like Manzo, Diamond, Grie