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A bit about Saratoga Springs, UT

Saratoga Springs is a city in Utah County, Utah, United States. The elevation is 4,505 feet. It is part of the Provo–Orem, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city is a relatively new development along the northwestern shores of Utah Lake. It was incorporated on December 31, 1997 and has been growing rapidly since then. The population was 1,003 at the 2000 United States Census, while the 2009 estimates placed it at 16,125,[3] making it one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities during this time period.[4] The 2010 United States Census states population at 17,781,[5] meeting expectations of growth despite the state of the economy. Saratoga Springs became a city in 2001. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 16. 1 square miles (26.  km²), of which 16. 1 square miles (26.  km²) is land and 0.  square mile (0.  km²) (1. 6%) is water.