Dish Network Deals

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Satellite TV Offers

Satellite TV Offers

DirecTV, Dish Network
  • Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer Whole-Home DVR with hidden receiver technology
  • Dish Network with Hopper® technology offers the ability to broadcast your satellite TV signal to yourself anywhere
  • Primetime Anytime™ from Dish Network makes 3 hours of primetime programming available for up to 8 days from initial air date
  • You also get the abillity to skip commercials in recorded primetime TV with Dish Network!
  • DirecTV offers some of the best sports programming including NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Record multiple shows at once with the DirecTV DVR
  • DirecTV allows you to watch your shows remotely with the mobile app
  • Watch On Demand movies and TV shows
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Cable TV Offers

Cable TV Offers

Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cox
  • Cox, Charter, Time Warner and Comcast are all great cable TV choices
  • Starting as low as $19.99, cable TV packages are affordable
  • Coaxial cable is laid out almost everywhere in the US for great accessibility
  • Easy Bundling! High-speed internet, phone and cable together means savings!
  • Many cable providers are offering more seamless streaming of On Demand content
  • Numerous packages from numerous providers to choose from!
  • Providers listed are not available in all locations so call TV Choices to see which one you can get!
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FiOS TV Offers

FiOS TV Offers

Verizon FiOS
  • Get the newest fiber-optic technology with Verizon FiOS
  • The FiOS speed is virtually unmatched offering blazing media downloads and interactive experiences.
  • Up to 50Mbps download speed!
  • No fussing around - the base TV package is over 200 channels!
  • Verizon FiOS offers nearly 540 all-digital channels! Watch anything you want!
  • You can bundle internet and phone to save money!
  • The new type of cable will pave way for future expansion
  • Verizon has proven to be one of the best communications companies in the world
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Dish Network Deals

Here are some facts about Dish Network Satellite TV:

  • Dish Network Satellite TV is one of the most cost-effective TV entertainment choices you can make.
  • 5 of our packages are available for less than $50.
  • Dish Network Deals are available almost anywhere in the US.
  • We carry over 300 channels from local to premium to international.
  • You can get FREE HD FOR LIFE
  • New subscribers gain access to 3 months of FREE HBO and FREE Movies on Demand.
  • Dish Network receivers are able to support/include SDTV, HDTV, dual tuners, DVR, parental controls and much more.

Why choose Dish Network Satellite TV?

To expand upon the above points, the main reason to get Dish Network Deals is because it provides you high-quality TV entertainment at low and solid prices. We offer you choice over numerous TV packages and offer the ability to choose additional channels a la carte. We provide you with the ability to get satellite on a number of TVs and a variety of TVs (including SD and HD, CRT, LCD, Plasma, LED and much more). Our service is reliable and, statistically, more reliable than cable (we have a 99% reliability rate compared with cable's 97%).

Dish Network Packages

For starters, here are our 5 packages for under $50:

5 Packages for under $50

Dish America
Dish America is a great introduction package. It includes over 60 HD channels including Cartoon Network HD, A&E HD, CNBC HD, Discovery HD and many more.
America's Top 120 $24.99* With over 120 channels, America's Top 120 ups the ante and, as one of our most popular packages, provides a wonderful assortment of TV channels ranging from news to sports to movies and much more.
America's Top 120 Plus $29.99* For the sports fans out there, the America's Top 120 Plus package builds upon the America's Top 120 and adds on regional sports channels such as the Big Ten Network so when game time rolls around, you'll have access to everything you need.
America's Top 200 $34.99* The America's Top 200 package is our very popular intermediate package that bridges the gap between our starter packages and our larger packages. Bringing a bit more of everything to the table, you will get more choices when it comes to kids programming, local, national and international news, sports, hobbies, movies and much more.
America's Top 250 $39.99* As one of our largest basic packages, the America's Top 250 clocks in at over 260 (channels) and includes in incredibly broad range of TV channels so that everyone, despite their difference in taste can find something for the occasion. Boomerang, CNBC World, Cooking and the DIY Network are some of the highlights of this package.

Looking for something else? No problem. Dish Network Satellite TV has tons of other packages that we offer. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out the form above and someone will help you with your questions. Our America's Everything Pak is great for those who want it all. Our Dish World and Dish Lation packages are great for those who want international TV programming. In fact, here is a breakdown of our Dish Latino packages which are among the best selling international TV packages:

Dish LATINO Packages

Dish Mexico
Dish Mexico is a great introduction into our Hispanic programming. Over 55 channels including Univision, Telefutura, Azteca America and more will provide you with soap operas, sports, news and more!
Dish LATINO Clasico $24.99* Dish LATINO Clasico almost doubles the number of channels you get over the Dish Mexico package, bringing you more of everything! In addition to that, it qualifies for free Showtime for 3 months!
Dish LATINO Plus $24.99* Dish LATINO Plus, while similar to the Clasico package, includes some of the most popular US channels like Cartoon Network, Boomerang, TBS and AMC.
Dish LATINO Dos $29.99* In addition to the included 210+ channels, Dish LATINO Dos broadcasts 25 HD channels, qualifying you for the HD for FREE for LIFE deal! For just a bit more, you get a whole lot more!
Dish LATINO Max $39.99* Capping off the Dish LATINO packages is Dish LATINO Max which, as our ultimate Hispanic package, provides you with more than 255 channels including over 40 HD channels. Including your local channels, the Max Package provides you with all the soap operas, sports, movies and anything else you can imagine. Qualifying for free HD and free Showtime (for 3 months) can't hurt either!